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Making Samples

From Consultant Julie L. (MA) on Sharing Posh:

There are frequently questions about what size sample container you should use. The first answer is that there is NO wrong answer. The second answer is to see the first answer! :) It's what you are comfortable in giving out. Some of us use different sizes depending on the product so we are giving out enough to "tease" but not giving away the whole container! :) These are only the ones I have on hand; each of these companies offer other sizes and colors than what I have shown below. This is just for a comparison piece. It is all about what works for you for pricing, creating labels (yeah, this can be time consuming if you don't put the right thought into it!! (lesson learned!!)) and visual representation.

This photo has 4 sample containers from 3 different companies. The itty bitty one on the left is the 1gram size from Qosmedix. It is approx 5/8" around so the 1/2" label should work nicely on here.If you label the bottom, you will need a 1/2" label. These run less than $40+shipping for 500 (from Qosmedix.com).

The second one is the only unhinged style I've received (it was a sample). It is the same size on top as bottom and measures 2grams. This guy is juuuuuust about 7/8" around so will need the 5/8" label. As these are two pieces you will need bottoms and tops when you order (also from Qosmedix.com) and are about $90+shipping for 500 pieces.

The black containers is a 3gram container from Kosmetech.com. Exactly 1" across so the 1" label will fit but can sometimes be a little tight on space. The bottom is 7/8" across so will need that size or smaller for a bottom label. These are $40+shipping for 500 containers from Kosmetech.com.

The squished guy on the end is a 1/20th ounce container from samplecontainerstore.com. Same size top and bottom, just under 1.25" around, a 1" label works fantastic on these guys! 500 of these guys will cost you $79.95 but has free shipping. These are also available in 1/9th ounce size.

\\ Our team frequently uses LaCons (LA Containers is a brand name!) in the 1/9oz size. One of my favorite orders is 150 of the 1/20th size from SampleContainerStore.com. If you are interested in getting in on one or our larger orders, please keep up with our team newsletters!